For thousands of years people have searched for the ‘Fountain of Youth’. Now, thanks to Nobel Prize-winning science, Australians are about to benefit from ground-breaking research that’s clinically-proven to reverse the ageing process of skin cells.

1Truth818 is the world’s only skin serum containing the new, secret Telomerase Activating Molecule 818, developed at a cost of $33 million by Nevada-based Sierra Sciences and headed by prize-winning biologist Dr Bill Andrews PhD.

Clinical tests on 100 people by world-renowned independent Abich Laboratories prior to 1Truth818’s release showed the serum (over and above the telomere benefits);

• increases skin firmness by 20.33% in 30 days

• reduces crows feet wrinkles by 11% and forehead wrinkles by 14.04%

• improves skin smoothness by 12.53% on the forehead and 9.63% in the eye area

Toxicology tests by the same laboratory have found zero adverse effects.

Q & A

What is ageing?
When your cells divide and your telomeres shorten.

How can we stop it?
Using an enzyme called Telomerase, which you have, dormant, within each of your cells.

What is Tam-818?
An ingredient that induces Telomerase to be produced.

What does Telomerase do?
Telomerase re-lengthens Telomeres, thus ‘undoing’ any angling that is occurring and even reversing ageing that has occurred.

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